As a long standing member of the resident beach boot camp team, a part of me is gutted that I can no longer attend as I am off travelling for the next 2 years.

The things that I enjoyed most during my time at bootcamp are the challenging and varied workouts, believe me Steve finds every single muscle in your body! and then there is the welcoming group of locals, it’s great to have met so many different people from the south of the island and I have lived in Tenerife for over 12 years so meeting a whole new group of people has been great, and of course Steve, the training is hard but you never feel pushed beyond your individual limits.

One of the things that struck me when I first started the residents bootcamp a couple of years ago was one of steve’s mottos… “making exercise affordable for all”, charging just 65 euros for 6 weeks of training, 3 sessions on the beach and 2 gym session a week is an amazing price and for the whole hours session each day Steve focus’s on providing a great exercise program suitable for everyone, if you are a newbie you get to do less repetitions of each exercise… well for a short while and the sessions get harder and harder as each week passes.

Bootcamp Assault Course

So in order to try and maintain our fitness levels we decided after a nice 2 month holiday (lol) to try personal training, in Greece we believed that if we were paying for Personal training sessions that would make sure we attended. I have to say that the gym was really well kitted out, and thankfully lots of equipment that we recognized from our Bootcamp gym sessions in Tenerife.

We started with a trial 30 minute session, which was great fun, challenging and varied, so we were really keen to sign up with the owner of the gym for some personal training sessions, 3 days a week. We arrived excited for our first session and were surprised that the warm up was running in a small circle for 10 minutes… then even less pleasantly surprised to find that our personal training session for the day was a group session held in Greek, our other sessions were very largely geared towards using weights to train, and seemed to be focused on pushing us to out limits as quickly as possible to end the sessions early.

So surprisingly we dropped our personal training, so what did we learn from this? we learnt that just because we had paid a large sum of money didn’t mean we would attend when we were not enjoying the exercise, we also learnt that you need to be really specific about the goals for your personal training sessions.

Most of all we learnt just how amazing value for money the training we had received from Steve was back in Tenerife. So if you are looking for a new challenge come and join the group of friendly residents at the beach in La Pinta, or if you aren’t looking for a group class consider personal training with Steve, which having seen some of his sessions are tough, varied and tailored to your exact requirements