This weekend we are taking part in a Kids Activities Fair at Siam Mall. The idea is to let parents see local activities and club so they can choose extra curricular activities for the year. The event draws thousands of people through Tenerife’s premier shopping centre. Making it an excellent opportunity for small local businesses to find new clients. We are proud to be able to showcase our Krav Maga school and in particular our Kids Krav Maga students.


Kids Krav Maga

Our stall is laid out specifically to highlight what we do and the benefits of learning a Self Defence System. As most parents do not know Krav Maga we ran a video to showcase what it involves. We also laid out various pieces of Training Equipment that we would use in a normal class. Boxing Gloves and Focus Pads, Sticks, Knives & Guns were on show for the kids to use to give them an insight into this System.

Kids Krav Maga

Krav Maga Demonstration

We are delighted to have the opportunity to put on a demonstration of Kids Krav Maga. Starting with a bit of a warm up consisting of star jumps, press ups and burpees. Then we move on to various types of strikes such as punches, kicks, knees and elbows with the kids giving a demonstration on the pads. I am extremely proud to show that kids of any age and size can be taught to be powerful and confident should they every be in a dangerous situation.

Self Defence From Weapons

We then move onto defence from weapon attacks. We cover all types of aggressive attacks such as

  • Attacks with blunt edge weapons eg sticks
  • Defence from static knife attacks eg robberies and muggings
  • Direct violent knife attacks eg stabs and slashes

Although a lot of people may think this is very excessive or unnecessary to teach this kind of thing to children. Unfortunately that is the reality of the world our kids are growing up in. If kids are taught the reality and extreme danger of weapons they will have the confidence and knowledge to hopefully survive that type of attack. We have complete confidence and believe that our Kids Krav Maga program is unique. Therefore it is extremely beneficial to every child that comes through our doors.

Kids Krav Maga

We run Kids Krav Maga classes every Thursday and Friday at 17:30 – 18:30 at our Self Defence School in Torviscas Alto.

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