We are all in an unprecedented time of being in lockdown due to the Coronavirus. It is now something that affects every single one of us either directly through our family members or indirectly through our work or businesses. Here in Tenerife we are on our 4th week of complete lockdown. This means absolutely no leaving your home unless it is truly essential. This extreme, but necessary measure is now being rolled out across the entire world. To try and help everyone during this time we are doing Exercise during lockdown videos called “Bootcamp on the Balcony”.

Allenamento a casa

The problem with being locked in your house 24 hours a day starts initially with being more stationary than what we are used to. For the first few days this seems like a lovely relief to those of us who are extremely busy on a daily basis. However this lack of movement very quickly turns to tiredness and lethargy. It is vitally important to keep your body moving every day. 3o minutes of home workouts daily will make a huge difference to your physiology.

Home Workout

Get Your Body Moving

By getting your body moving it will increase your heart rate which also releases “feel good hormones” into your body. It also helps with your overall agility and flexibility which are greatly affected by sitting or laying down more than usual. Another huge benefit of daily exercise at home is your breathing. By participating in a High Intensity (HIT) Workout daily our lungs and respiratory system are open wide. This opening of the lungs does wonders for our breathing and also helps keep us calm.

Mental Benefits of Exercising

Probably the biggest and most important benefit of exercising at home whilst in lockdown are the benefits to your mental health. For most people this feeling of confinement and boredom causes severe mental anguish. This quickly turns to anxiety and possibly depression which in severe cases is crippling for people.

Daily Fitness Classes

Taking part in a daily fitness class… especially high intensity sessions you will have much better control over your mental health. It is medically proven that daily exercise helps combat anxiety and depression. When you are pushing the body physically to the point of exhaustion. The point where the body is gasping for breath and blood pumping to all the muscles…..the mind disconnects!! This feeling of silence and calm in the mind will disconnect us from these continual negative thoughts. Initially the brain will only be silenced for several minutes but this serenity can last several hours. The more regularly you can train like this the more prolonged and beneficial that calm feeling will be.

Home Workout

Home Workout Videos

We are posting FREE daily “BOOTCAMP ON THE BALCONY” fitness videos online to try and help anyone who may be struggling during this time. These videos are open, available & suitable to anyone anywhere. It is not important if you’re not currently doing any exercise. You can start at the beginning and do as much as you can day by day. It will surprise how quickly your strength, stamina and most importantly your positivity all improve. Please feel free to use these videos and pass them onto anyone you think may benefit from them.


Stay Safe and Stay Active!!