Krav Maga Classes

Our  Krav Maga classes are suitable for all levels and abilities and the weekly class schedule is Monday to Friday 11.00 to 12.00 and then Monday, Wednesday and Friday 18.30 to 19.30.  For residents, the prices are 60 Euros per month or 7 Euros per class.  Please contact us for more information.

Che cos'è il Krav Maga?

Il Krav Maga è un sistema di autodifesa progettato per affrontare attacchi violenti realistici. Viene utilizzato dall'esercito e dai servizi segreti israeliani, utilizzando i punti più forti ed efficaci di molti stili di combattimento, creando così un programma di autodifesa unico e completo. Si tratta inoltre di un sistema in continua evoluzione, come la minaccia della violenza nel mondo in cui viviamo. Contattatemi per avere maggiori informazioni sui nostri corsi di Krav Maga.

Difesa dagli attacchi di strada (pugni, ganci e calci)

You will learn to deal with typical street attacks such as punches and kicks in a variety of situations.  Firstly, you will learn to block straight punches such as jabs and crosses, and also how to defend against hooks and upper cuts as well as a variety of different types of kicks.  You will then learn how to strike back using your hands, feet, elbows and knees, with the idea that you should be able to finish a street fight as quickly and aggressively as possible so that you can escape safely.

Difesa da prese e strangolamenti

This will cover every aspect of grabs such as wrist, shirt or someone grabbing you by the hair.  You will also learn to deal with a variation of strangle holds, such as one and two handed strangles from the front and back and also being violently strangled in a floor situation.

Movimento e difesa dagli attacchi a terra

Whilst we try to avoid ending up on the ground as much as possible the reality is that most fights between men will end up on the ground, and the vast majority of attacks on women such as rape and sexual assault will also end up on the floor.  You will learn how to fight and defend yourself on the floor and to finish the attack as fast as possible.

Difesa da armi contundenti come bastoni e manganelli

You will practice defending against Blunt edge weapons such as a one handed attack with a stick to the head or a stick coming down from above or a two handed attack such as a baseball bat.

Difesa dagli attacchi con coltelli tattici, ad es. rapine

We will teach you how to defend against static attacks with a weapon such as muggings and robberies from various angles such as knife into the stomach, knife against the neck or a knife into the back from behind.

Affrontare gli attacchi diretti di coltello - pugnalate / fendenti

This is dealing with extremely violent knife attacks such as stabs and slashes, you will first learn 360 degree blocking, and then realistic knife disarming techniques.  So that hopefully you will survive a violent attack.This is dealing with extremely violent knife attacks such as stabs and slashes, you will first learn 360 degree blocking, and then realistic knife disarming techniques.  So that hopefully you will survive a violent attack.

Krav Maga Courses
Tenerife Krav Maga Training courses
Tenerife Krav Maga Training courses
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Devo avere qualche esperienza nel Krav Maga o nell'addestramento alle arti marziali?

Our Krav Maga classes are open and suitable for everyone of all levels and abilities.

The objective of group classes for new students is to teach the basics of self-defence and fighting.  The students in the Krav Maga training classes will learn stance and position, movement, and various punches and strikes such as elbows and knees.  They will learn how to effectively use kicks in a real situation as well as fighting on the ground,  and how to defend against violent attacks e.g. punches, chokes, headlocks and wrist grabs.

Students who train with us 2 to 3 times a week will start to see huge differences in their self-confidence and abilities within the first month.

We also offer a grading system for those students who wish to see progression and take exams for their belts.

What different course options are available to me?

Residents of Tenerife who train with us regularly will have the option to sit a grading system.  Belts start with Yellow and progress via Orange, Green, Blue, Brown, to Black belts.

This program is open to all students who train regularly and train with a good positive attitude, students taking part in the grading will be expected to have a good level of fitness and to know and carry out specific techniques depending on the grade you are sitting and will be expected to fight 1 on 1, multiple attackers both standing and on the ground.

Krav maga is a reality-based system and these classes are a contact sport.  Anyone sitting the grading system should be willing to accept some bruises here and there.

If you are not a resident and are interested in taking these courses please contact us.


Quando iniziano i corsi?

I corsi si svolgono dal lunedì al venerdì, mentre i fine settimana sono il vostro tempo libero. Potete scegliere di arrivare in qualsiasi giorno e iniziare la settimana successiva.

I corsi si svolgono tutto l'anno?

Sì, i corsi iniziano ogni settimana dell'anno. A parte le due settimane che coprono Natale e Capodanno.

What do I need to bring?

Si prega di portare con sé una borraccia, un'attrezzatura adeguata per l'allenamento come scarpe da ginnastica, un paio di paia di pantaloncini, reggiseni sportivi per le ragazze e top da allenamento. Si consiglia di portare anche un asciugamano da portare in palestra.

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