Our  Krav Maga courses are suitable for all levels and abilities and the weekly class  schedule is Monday to friday 11.00 till 12.00 and then Monday, Wednesday and Friday 18.30 till 19.00.  Please contact us for more information.

What is Krav Maga?

Le Krav Maga est un système d'autodéfense conçu pour faire face à des attaques violentes réalistes. Il est utilisé par l'armée et les services secrets israéliens, qui utilisent les points les plus forts et les plus efficaces de nombreux styles de combat, créant ainsi un programme d'autodéfense unique et complet. Il s'agit également d'un système qui évolue en permanence, tout comme la menace de violence dans le monde dans lequel nous vivons. Contactez-moi pour plus d'informations sur nos différents cours de Krav Maga.

What is Included?

Knife Attack Training Krav Maga

Our Krav Maga Courses will cover:

The classes that we offer on our Krav Maga courses in Tenerife cover a huge range of violent situations and scenarios.  For example:

  • Defence from Street Attacks (Punches, Hooks & Kicks)
  • Defence from Grabs & Strangles
  • Movement and Defence from Attacks on the Ground
  • Defending Blunt Edged Weapons eg Sticks & Batons
  • Defence from Stactic Knife Attacks eg Robbery
  • Dealing with Direct Knife Attacks – Stabs / Slashes


Choke Holds Training Krav Maga
Group Training Krav Maga Course

Do I need to have any experience in Krav Maga or Martial Arts Training?

Krav Maga Techniques Training

Our Krav Maga classes are open and suitable to everyone of all leveles and abilities.

The objective of group classes for new students is to teach the basics of self defence and fighting.  The students in the Krav Maga training classes will learn stance and position, movement, various punches and strikes such as elbows and knees.  They will learn how to effectively use kicks in a real situaiton as well as fighting on the ground,  and how to defend against violent atatckes e.g. punches, chockes, headlocks and wrist grabs.

Students who train with us 2 to 3 times a week will start to see huge differences in their self confidence nad abilities within the first month.

We also offer a grading system for those students that wish to see progression and take exams for their belts.


Krav Maga Self Defence training gun attacks
Self Defence Training Steve Coster Fitness
Learn Krav Maga Self Defence Training

what different course options are available to me?

We offer 3 different levels of Krav Maga course / Kapap Training.

  • CIVILIAN :- This is a program designed for everyday people.  Should you ever find yourself in a violent or dangerous situation.  We aim to give you enough knowledge and skills to get yourself out of danger.
  • POLICE & SECURITY SERVICES:-  A more specialized program dealing with more violent scenarios.  Therefore focusing more on control & restraint, disarming and de-escalating a situation.
  • MILITARY:-   Specifically for Armed Forces.  A much more advanced course. Hence more professional scenarios.  Tactical movement, perimeter, disarms, take downs & elimination techniques.


Group Training Krav Maga Course
Gun Training Krav Maga

Faites un changement

An excellent instructor at Krav Maga and personal training I have trained with Steve now for 8 years.

Brian Armstrong

I train in group Krav Maga sessions with Steve as well as  Private 1 on 1 training, fantastic for all levels of fitness.  Works with a great group of people.  I would recommend to anyone looking for self defence Training or just to get your fitness up.

Brain Gayne


Quand les cours commencent-ils ?

Les cours se déroulent du lundi au vendredi, les week-ends sont votre temps libre. Vous pouvez choisir d'arriver n'importe quel jour et de commencer le jour de la semaine suivant.

Les cours ont-ils lieu toute l'année ?

Oui, nous organisons des cours qui commencent chaque semaine de l'année. A l'exception des deux semaines couvrant Noël et le Nouvel An.


Veuillez apporter une bouteille d'eau, des vêtements d'entraînement appropriés tels que des baskets, deux paires de shorts, des brassières de sport pour les filles et des hauts d'entraînement. Nous vous conseillons également d'apporter une serviette pour la salle de sport.


Plus en forme, plus rapide, plus fort

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