Esame di Krav Maga per bambini

Massive congratulations to everyone who sat their Kids Krav Maga Exam on Saturday. We are continually working and training to ensure their standards are high enough to be graded in the Krav Maga System.

We start the exam with physical fitness as this is an integral part of Krav Maga Training. Being a military based self defence system it is imperative that all the kids have a good level of fitness. We then move on to break falls and how to react should they fall or be pushed over in the street.


Kids Krav Maga Exam

The second part of the exam is all different types of strikes…. such as punches, kicks, elbows & knees. This was all done as pad work showing they are capable of putting together different types of combinations.

Self Defence Techniques

Kids Krav Maga Exam

Depending on which belt the kids are taking they have to know how to deal with various types of attacks such as:

  • Defence from 2 direct punches
  • Attacks from a hook
  • Dealing with grabs & strangles


The final part of the exam was sparring which is one of the major components in Krav Maga Training. We start off with 1 on 1 sparring using punches, kicks & knees. Then moving onto multiple attackers such as 2 against 1. This is particularly frightening for many kids the first time as it gives an intense reaction of fear. Although this may seem a bit brutal or horrific to many we believe it is an essential part of training. Nowadays most street attacks are not just one attacker….quite often it can be 2 or 3 or even a gang together. Therefore by training in this way it gives the child a fighting chance should they ever find themselves in that situation. Or it least it will help them control their fear under stress or fear.

Krav Maga Certificates

Kids Krav Maga Exam

We are absolutely delighted to award

Orange Belt (First Stripe)

  • Talullah
  • Lilia
  • Jessica

Orange Belt

  • Segev

Yellow Belt

  • Juniper
  • Jack
  • Jasmine
  • Ollie
  • Mateus

All of them put in a spectacular effort and we are proud to have these young warriors as the future of Krav Maga Tenerife

Kids Krav Maga
Kids Krav Maga

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