7 day Krav Maga training holidays in tenerife from €1150. This is the  most thorough  and complete course available outside of israel.  We are proud to offer the most popular  Krav Maga self defence program in Europe, with over 200 5-Star reviews.

¿De qué se trata?


Krav Maga is a Self Defence System designed for dealing with realistic violent attacks.  It is used by the Israeli Military and Secret Service, using the strongest and most effective points of many styles of fighting, thus creating a unique and complete program.  This is also a system that is continually evolving as does the threat of violence in the world we live in.

Krav Maga was created by Imi Lichtenfeld in the 1930s, this system evolved from a variety of styles such as Judo, Boxing and Wrestling, and taught to the local Jewish community in Bratislava to help protect them.

When the country of Israel was created in 1948, Imi was invited to become the head instructor of the Israeli defence force I.D.F.  Krav Maga has now become the main training system for all of the Israeli security services and has now been adopted worldwide by other intelligence and security forces.

We are now delighted to be able to offer this type of training to everyday people, to give them confidence and security that comes from learning an effective form of self defence.  Firstly students are taught about awareness and reading the situation before violence erupts. Hopefully through this type of training your intuition and self awareness should help you avoid ending up in a bad situation.  However, if this cannot be avoided we will teach you the reality of a violent attack and give you the tools necessary to give you a real fighting chance in a violent conflict.

Your training will start by teaching you the basics of position and balance, reading body language and trying to talk yourself out of a situation before it starts.

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Krav Maga Holidays Training
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Krav Maga Holidays Floor Training

This is an intensive weeks training program covering a huge amount of situations and attacks to help give you a fighting chance in a real conflict.

Please be advised this a physical hands on program and whilst we take every reasonable precautions to ensure that non of our guests suffer any serious injuries occasionally bumps and bruises might happen.

Your Krav Maga Self defence course includes

Alojamiento en apartamento privado
3 comidas saludables al día
Programa completo de supervivencia en la calle y defensa personal
Traslados desde y hacia el Aeropuerto de Tenerife Sur
2 Krav Maga Camisetas

Our Krav Maga self defence program will cover

Street Fighting

Self Defence Training Steve Coster Fitness

You will learn to deal with typical street attacks such as punches and kicks in a variety of situations.  Firstly you will learn to block straight punches such as jabs and crosses, and also how to defend against hooks and uppercuts as well as a variety of different types of kicks.  You will then learn how to strike back using your hands, feet, elbows and knees, with the idea that you should be able to finish a street fight as quickly and aggressively as possible so that you can escape safely.

Grabs and Strangles

Choke Holds Training Krav Maga

This will cover every aspect of grabs such as wrist, shirt or someone grabbing you by the hair.  You will also learn to deal with a variation of strangleholds, such as one and two-handed strangles from the front and back and also being violently strangled in a floor situation.

Ground Fighting

Group Training Krav Maga Course

Whilst we try to avoid ending up on the ground as much as possible the reality is that most fights between men will end up on the ground, and the vast majority of attacks on women such as rape and sexual assault will also end up on the floor.  You will learn how to fight, defend yourself on the floor and finish the attack as fast as possible to allow you to get back up onto your feet.

Static Knife Attacks

Knife Attack Training Krav Maga

Le enseñaremos a defenderse de ataques estáticos con un arma como atracos y robos desde varios ángulos como cuchillo en el estómago, cuchillo contra el cuello o un cuchillo en la espalda por detrás.

Direct Knife Attacks

Self Defence Training Steve Coster Fitness

This is dealing with extremely violent knife attacks such as stabs and slashes, you will first learn 360-degree blocking, and then realistic knife-disarming techniques.  So that hopefully, you will survive a violent attack.

Ataques con palos

Krav Maga Course

Blunt edged or long range weapons such as sticks, poles and baseball bats will also be covered during this course.  Starting with judging and closing the distance to the attacker.  Moving onto disarming or controlling and restraining the attacker.

Gun Disarming

Krav Maga Self Defence training gun attacks

This is slightly more advanced, and in reality, for most people is highly unlikely that they will ever have a gun put to their head, but we fully believe that it is worth having the knowledge should you ever end up in the situation. to allow you to get back up onto your feet.

Where will I stay during my Self defence Holiday?

Accommodation in a Private Apartment

Having your own apartment on your Krav Maga course allows you the space you need to relax after your training sessions.  You can set your own timetable for eating, sleeping or just chilling out.

It’s great to be part of a group for training and socialising but it is also important to have some time to yourself to reflect and recharge

Los amplios apartamentos disponen de un confortable salón con TV de pantalla plana vía satélite, un dormitorio independiente y una moderna cocina-comedor con horno, hervidor de agua y microondas. Todos los apartamentos disponen de WIFI y lavadora.

El complejo ofrece piscina al aire libre, solárium y vistas al océano Atlántico.

The accommodation is just a few minutes walk away from local amenities, such as restaurants, supermarkets, cafes, and a bar in case you had had a tough day 🙂

Accommodation balcony
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¿Qué tipo de comida voy a tomar?

Programa de comidas frescas y sanas


Tasty and Nutritious Meals, specifically prepared to support your high-intensity training program.

Elly the Chef ran a restaurant in her home country of Lithuania for seven years providing a huge variety of healthy food.  She is a nutritionist who will be happy to work directly with our guests and advise you on what you should and should not be eating to get the best out of your body.

She can cater for any dietary requirements, such as vegan, vegetarian, lactose or gluten intolerance.  We will contact you in advance and go through your food requirements so that you can enjoy tasty healthy meals during your stay.


SCF Tasty Meals
SCF Healthy meals
SCF Holiday food
SCF Calorie controlled meals

Preguntas frecuentes

Do your courses run all year round?

Sí, organizamos cursos todas las semanas del año. Excepto las dos semanas de Navidad y Año Nuevo.

¿Cuándo empiezan los cursos?

The courses run Monday to Friday, weekends are your free time. You can choose to arrive on any day and start the following weekday.

¿Atienden a diferentes necesidades dietéticas?

Sí, estaremos encantados de adaptarnos a sus necesidades dietéticas. Háganoslo saber.

¿Qué tengo que llevar?

Por favor, traiga una botella de agua, ropa de entrenamiento adecuada, como zapatillas, un par de pantalones cortos, sujetadores deportivos para las chicas y camisetas de entrenamiento. Recomendamos traer también una toalla para llevar al gimnasio.

¿En qué aeropuerto recogen a los pasajeros?

Incluido en el precio de sus vacaciones de fitness es la recogida y entrega en el aeropuerto de Tenerife Sur. Por favor, póngase en contacto conmigo para el precio de recoger y dejar en el aeropuerto de Tenerife Norte.

¿Qué alimentos están incluidos?

La comida incluye 3 platos saludables y fruta para picar entre horas.

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