Krav Maga is a Self Defence System designed for realistic attacks.  It is used by the Israeli Military and Secret Service.  Using the strongest and most effective points of many styles of fighting. Consequently creating a unique and complete system of self defence.  This is also a system that is continually evolving as does the threat of violence in the world we live in.  Contact me for more information on our various Krav Maga Courses.


We offer 3 different levels of Krav Maga / Kapap Training.


CIVILIAN  (This is a program designed for everyday people.  Should you ever find yourself in a violent or dangerous situation.  We aim to give you enough knowledge and skills to get yourself out of danger).


POLICE & SECURITY SERVICES  (A more specialized program dealing with more violent scenarios.  Therefore focusing more on control & restraint, disarming and de escalating a situation)


MILITARY  (Specifically for Armed Forces.  A much more Advanced Course. Hence more professional scenarios.  Tactical Movement, Perimeter, Disarms, Take Downs & Elimination Techniques)


We are now delighted to offer a Training Holiday in Tenerife.  This is suitable even for people who have absolutely no background or experience in Krav Maga.


These courses are for normal people who would like an intensive training course.  Therefore giving you a good basis of Self Defence in a fairly short period.


This course covers a huge range of violent situations and scenarios.  For example:


* Defence from Street Attacks (Punches, Hooks & Kicks)


* Defence from Grabs & Strangles


* Movement and Defence from Attacks on the Ground


* Defending Blunt Edged Weapons eg Sticks & Batons


* Defence from Stactic Knife Attacks eg Robbery


* Dealing with Direct Knife Attacks – Stabs / Slashes

What’s Included In This Krav Maga Course?


7 Day Krav Maga Course


– 1 Weeks Accommodation in a Private Apartment


– Intensive Daily Training Program (Monday to Friday)


– 3 Healthy Meals Per Day


– Transfers to & from airport

Please contact me directly for more information on this Course.