Personal Training

Personal Training is a tailor made fitness program designed to suit each and every person to Their exact requirements.  Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle or learn how to defend you and your family from the most violent or extreme situations…… I can help you achieve that. 

All of my training is Martial Arts based. Therefore when it comes to Personal Training you can decide what form you want it to take.

Krav Maga self defence lessons are very intensive and aim to give the pupil a large amount of knowledge and skill in a fairly short period of time.

Covering a wide selection of attacks and viloent scenarios to give the client self confidence and a very realistic opportunity to defend themselves should they ever be caught in such circumstances.

This is high intensity interval training – (HIIT) a huge increase in physical fitness is an obvious result. A huge emphasis is put on learning to see a situation before it escalates therefore allowing the person to get themselves out of harms way before it starts.

Or personal training can be done purely on a fitness basis – using Martial Arts exercises and training but without the fighting side.

This can take the form of body weight exercise, pad work (Boxing nad kicjk boxing) kettlebells & TRX.

Quite often personal training is not only about achieving physical change such as weight loss……There are also huge proven benefits to mental well being.

Physical Exercise also helps alleviate conditions such as depression & lethargy as well as a sense of Calm brought about through martial arts based fitness training.