Fit in 6 weeks – Follow my easy step-by-step guide back into fitness.

In October 2016 I had to go into the hospital to have an operation for a double ruptured hernia. This meant for 6 months I could not do any exercise or any form of physical fitness. During this period I put on a considerable amount of weight as I was literally sitting doing nothing all day every day.

When I was told I could start an exercise program I decide to record the whole thing day by day so that it might help others who have done little or no training for a long time.

As someone who has done regular training and martial arts all their life, I genuinely believed I would start again easily and be back to fitness in no time…… how wrong I was.

I was absolutely stunned at how hard it was to start exercising again and the biggest shock was how bad my breathing was. This suddenly hit me. If it’s that difficult for me… what must it be like for people who have not trained for years or those who have never done any exercise. It gave me a whole new perspective and made me realise what sort of motivation or support people would need to kick start a healthier lifestyle.

So here it is…. A “How to get fit in 6 weeks” fitness & weight loss course.

A day-by-day exercise video lasting only 10 – 15 minutes each day that is suitable for everyone and anyone regardless of your current fitness levels or abilities.

The program starts very slowly and gently and then starts to build up in intensity as the course goes on.

These videos can be done at home as there is virtually no equipment or gym membership needed. Most of the exercises are using your own body weight such as squats, press-ups & sit-ups. Anytime I did use equipment I explain an alternative that you can do in your own home. For example, when I use the punch bag you can stand in front of a mirror and do shadow boxing.

I hope this course helps you kick start a fitness regime that helps get you back into exercising.

Remember just do what you can do and anytime you need to stop and catch your breath you can and then start again when you can. Regarding the exercises, it is better to do 5 good ones rather than 30 with bad form. In other words, concentrate on doing them correctly and don’t worry if you can’t do the full amount. You can build up to that!!

Step by Step!!

Week 1

There are 6 videos in each week.  Click on the thumbnails or arrows to move between the videos for each day.

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6