Weight Loss

Weight Loss for many people is a difficult thing. People struggle to find the discipline and motivation to go and do some form of exercise. Others struggle to find the correct food to eat. Whereas others actually kid themselves about how they exercise and what they eat.


To really see results you’ve got to push yourself each and every time you train. We regularly see people in gyms sitting on a bike reading a book and then telling people they trained for 3 hours today. You are wasting your time. Exercise should be high enough in pace to lift the heart rate. A great form of physical exercise to guarantee results is HIIT Training (High Intensity Interval Training). For me personally this is my favoured type of training.

Weight Loss


An example is circuit training where you would lay out for example 10 different exercises. You then work your way round the circuit doing each exercise for 30 seconds with maybe 30 seconds rest in between. This is an excellent form of exercise as it puts the body under a bit of pressure… raises your heart rate and burns fat. This is also great for expanding your lung capacity, building stamina and clearing the mind.

Weight Loss

Fight Training

As a form of High Intensity Training Martial Arts are still one of the best options to lose weight. Fight based training such as Krav Maga, MMA or Muay Thai are all designed to create fighters that are powerful, lean and conditioned. Their stamina and endurance are up there with some of the best sports people in the world. So using the same type of training such as pad work, boxing / kickboxing, grappling, kettlebells and circuits you are guaranteed to lose weight, tone up and get fit. This type of exercise also has the benefit of teaching you a new and useful life skill such as self defence.

Healthy Food

This is the part where you have to be realistic for losing weight. It is highly unlikely that you will stick to a calorie counted, boring diet of salad for any length of time. If you truly intend to stick to it…. it has to be a change of lifestyle… Not a short term diet. Eat regularly for example 3 – 4 smaller meals per day. Try not to eat processed food. Cook from scratch which is actually quite simple. Eat lean proteins such as turkey, tuna & salmon. Increase your intake of fresh fruit and vegetables and try and eat more legumes which are simple to cook and great for exercise and weight loss.

Weight Loss Holidays

If you’re looking for an initial bit of guidance on losing weight or how to kick start a healthy lifestyle the have a look at our specially designed Fitness Holidays. These are the perfect way to break the rut you may be in and change your mental attitude. We will also help advise you on how to keep up your fitness when you return home.