Fitness training or physical exercise of any sort is extremely beneficial to your health. Whether it means training in large / small groups or opting for personal training. These will both have significant benefits and advantages. Now we are in a changing world and the emergence of online personal training may be the way forward.

Group Fitness Classes

Training in a large group is the perfect option for many people as it gives them drive and motivation they normally might not have. Others also like to train with a group of friends to help force them to turn up. When the exercises get tough having friends around you stops you quitting so easily. Unfortunately this can also work the other way round. Some people like the idea that they can “hide” in a bigger fitness class when the instructor can’t see them. Obviously with the current Coronavirus situation group classes will be banned for quite a while yet.

Personal Training

Entrenamiento personal

Personal training has the unique benefit of being specifically tailored to you. Irrespective of your current fitness levels or abilities you can start at the point that you require. Each and every class is designed to get the exact results that you are looking for as agreed with your trainer at the start. The trainer knows what you can and cannot do regarding each type of exercise and can adapt accordingly. You can also focus on the type of training that you enjoy most. Eg if you prefer high intensity workouts such as pad work (kickboxing) over heavy weight lifting then your workout plan will focus around that.

Benefits of Personal Training

Probably the biggest benefit of personal training is there is nowhere to hide!! You cannot slink away to the back of the class and do 3 burpees when it was supposed to be 10. The trainer will be stood right over you counting at your pace to get to 10. At some point all of us need that direct motivation as we can all be tempted to cheat ourselves a little if we can get away with it.

Entrenamiento personal en línea

At this moment in time the entire world as we know it is changing. Especially in the health and fitness market. We will not be allowed to have large group fitness classes for the foreseeable future. Not everyone has a local gym nearby and or the knowledge to train themselves at home. This is where the online personal training market is emerging. Someone you can speak to directly in the comfort of your own home. Via online platforms such as FaceTime, WhatsApp video calls and Facebook video calls we can speak directly to people all over the world. Tell your trainer what you want to achieve and they will put together a program to suit you. You have complete control over how many sessions you want weekly, what you are able to do and how much you can afford to spend.

Personal Training

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