Campamento de entrenamiento "Día de ajuste de cuentas"

Friday saw the last day of our most recent 6 week weight loss boot camp course for residents in Tenerife. As is customary we finished the course off with an extremely tough boot camp training program. “Day of Reckoning” was made up off beach sprints, training in the sea, sandbags, car tyres & resistance training with ropes.

After a high intensity warm up using sprints and bodyweight exercises such as press ups, squats & burpees comes the real fun.

Day of Reckoning

Resistance Training

Starting with elasticated ropes to use for resistance training is an absolute killer on the legs. One person goes at the front with the rope around their waist with their partner at the back holding the rope. The front one then starts with 10 burpees then rise to sprint whilst their partner pulls them back. After 4 x 25 metre sprints you will feel like you want to be sick…. but this is just the start… It’s Boot Camp.. Not a Knitting Class!!

Navy Seals Training

Navy Seals Boot Camp Training

Now we move into the sea which brings a whole new dimension of pain and suffering. Sit ups where the waves are breaking makes breathing freely extremely difficult and if your timing is wrong the waves are going to break over your head giving you a mouthful of water. From this position we start swimming which is an excellent mixture of the muscle groups and drains the body very quickly.

Boot Camp "Day of Reckoning"

Training With Car Tyres

Old tyres are an excellent form of exercise and are extremely versatile for training on the beach. Starting off with chest presses – pushing the tyres out at a 45 degree angle is great for the whole upper body. Then drop the tyre on the floor and using a rope drag it through the soft sand. As you progress the tyres fill up with sand and get heavier with each step.

Boot Camp "Day of Reckoning"

By the end of the tyre drags the body is absolutely shattered and the muscles are starting to seize. Which means it was time for one last round of the Circuit…..Just as the beach was really starting to heat up

Carry the Sandbags, Pull your partner with the ropes, into the sea to swim and then back out to drag the tyre once more!!

Congratulations to Everyone who finished “Day of Reckoning” which is probably one of our toughest Boot Camp Training Courses to date.

If you want to join our 6 Week Weight Loss Bootcamp for residents in Tenerife or if you like the idea of out Intensve Fitness Holidays contact us now!! Your only limitations are your own fears!!