Kids Krav Maga classes

Kids Krav Maga is designed to help build confidence and discipline, to create healthy habits from a very young age that children will carry with them for the rest of their lives.   Krav Maga is a Military Self Defence System that has been adapted for civilians. We have adapted this system especially for Kids.  We believe Kids are never too young to learn realistic self defence in case they are ever in a dangerous situation.

Kids Krav Maga Classes are specifically designed to give kids the respect, discipline and honour of traditional Martial Arts.  Whilst also giving them the confidence and the techniques required to defend themselves in todays world.

By teaching children a disciplined self defence system it installs them with self belief, confidence and self worth which as kids grow up gives them a fantastic basis to deal with mental health issues. High intensity martial arts training will help reduce the chances of depression, negative thinking and self belief issues and hopefully give them the tools to live a strong confident healthy lifestyle.

Kids Krav Maga costs 5€ per class or 30€ per month. Classes are held every Wednesday & Friday 17:30 – 18:30 at the gym.

Kinder Krav Maga

Our focus is on physical fitness and respect

Unfortunately, the world is an increasingly violent place but just teaching kids to fight does not solve the problem.  In many cases it makes it worse….. kids grow up thinking the answer to violence is more violence. The teaching in our Kids Krav Maga classes is the exact opposite… be a good person, be honest, be kind.  And only if all else fails and they have no other options… Then fight… and fight strong!!
We also think it’s important that whole families can train together to show that Krav Maga is suitable for everyone.

It creates a very positive energy to have small kids training in the gym and inviting them to participate when we organise events such as our summer seminar. It’s a great day out for entire families with the parents and kids learning realistic self-defence but in a friendly and controlled environment.

We also put a huge emphasis on physical fitness.  It’s extremely important for kids to grow up with a healthy attitude to life.  Childhood obesity is on the rise and kids need to exercise.  So we built a lot of fitness and physical games into each class.  We start every training session with 20 minutes of physical exercise, such as jogging, press ups, sit ups, and burpees, to get the heart rate up and the body warmed up to start their fight training.  After the initial warm-up, we teach them various forms of striking, such as punches and kicks, using the elbows, knees and movement on the ground.  We also do a lot of work on balance, stretching and flexibility.

What do the children do as part of their Krav Maga training?

Kids Krav Maga punches and kicks

Defence from punches & Kicks

The kids will learn various techniques to deal with a direct attack straight punches and hooks, and how to strike back and escape the situation as fast as possible.  They will also learn how to use their own legs to defend against different kick attacks such as front kicks, low kicks and turning kicks.

Kids Krav Maga Strangles

Defence against grabs and strangles

They will learn how to release themselves from various types of grabs and strangles, without initially using force. They will then move on to dealing with more violent situations and they will learn how to strike their attacker or control and restrain them if necessary.  We will also cover situations such as attempted abduction by an adult.

Kids Krav Maga Ground fighting


We spend a huge amount of time training how to move and fight on the floor.  In a real attack, the last place you want to be is on the ground.  Approximately 90% of fights between young boys end up on the ground and a huge majority of sexual assaults against young girls or women will take place on the floor.

Kids Defence against weapons

Defence against Weapons

We believe it’s hugely important to teach young children the danger from weapon attacks.  They will learn how to defend against various forms of knife attacks and stick/bottle attacks.  A large proportion of attacks in cities are found to be by young teenagers.

Kids Krav Maga Sparring


Krav Maga is a reality-based system therefore it is imperative that children know what it feels like to be in a fight situation we therefore do regular sparring consisting of 1 & 1, and multiple attackers, both standing up and on the ground.

Kids Krav Maga Training
Kids Krav Maga Class Header
Kids Krav Maga Training Classes Tenerife
Tenerife Kids Krav Maga Training

Does Kids Krav Maga offer an official belt grading system?

Once the kids have been training for a few months they have the opportunity to take part in the grading system.  Starting with Yellow, Orange, Green and Blue, Brown and Black (are only available after 16 years of age).  We offer two gradings per year, and these are open to all students who have been training consistently.

As part of the grading, depending on the belt they are sitting, they are expected to know certain techniques in each category and also to fight various opponents both standing up and on the ground, all of this depends on the belt they are doing.  We also occasionally do small fighting competitions for the kids with an opportunity to win medals and trophies.

The competitions and grading systems are all designed to keep the children motivated and driven to improve and progress.

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