Boot Camp Holidays



A Fitness Holiday is a specially designed vacation where the emphasis is on Losing Weight and improving your Fitness levels.  This type of holiday has become increasingly popular over the last few years as more people are becoming concerned about their health and wellness… or lack of it.  You will have a week or two of complete immersion in Health & Fitness.  We take care of everything and all you have to do each morning is get out of bed.

Fitness Programs

The Fitness Programs are carefully designed to bring out the very best in each individual not matter whether you are already Fit or Not.  You will be pushed physically to reach your full potential and you will be provided daily with Healthy, Nutritious food.  With the aim of this Fitness Course being to give you the tools and motivation to go home at the end of the week and continue a New Healthy Lifestyle.  It is not complicated and it is not overly difficult but it will require you to commit yourself to it! Let us give you the Fresh Start that you are Looking For!


Most people are so consumed by their everyday lives they do not have the time to commit to a Health or Fitness Program.  We like the idea of getting fit and doing some training.  However we have a thousand different distractions every day such as work, families, bills and all other forms of stress.  Even if we can find the time we quite often don’t have the energy for it after a typical day.  By coming on a Training Holiday we have an opportunity to disconnect from all those distractions and concentrate on ourselves.  Each and every day is all about exercising and eating healthy meals.  All of the thinking is taken out of it for you…. You’re training will be pre-arranged for each day and tasty, nutritious will be delivered to your apartment daily.

What is a BOOTCAMP?

The term “Boot Camp” comes from the American Military and refers to Basic Training where new recruits are put through extreme and intense Fitness Training.  The idea is to break down the weakest recruits and filter through the strongest. It also served the purpose of building a basic level of Fitness amongst young soldiers that could then be built on through intensive exercising and training.  Boot Camp is just about MENTAL FITNESS as it is about PHYSICAL FITNESS.  Quite often the recruits who done the best were not necessarily the biggest or strongest.  It was all about having that “Never Say Die” attitude and never giving up.  Just keep going….one step at a time.


This concept has now been adapted for civilians or normal people who are looking to get fit in some cases for the very first time.  FITNESS BOOTCAMPS are usually a 6 Week Fitness and Weight Loss Course to help people Get Fit.  This is done through a tough Fitness Regime designed to strip weight and then build muscle and stamina.  Bootcamps have become so popular that some people are now even looking to do it as a Holiday or Vacation.

What is a Boot Camp Holiday?

So the Bootcamp Holiday is born!!  The above concept was taken and then created into a highly organised Week long Program Every day you will be put through your paces but in a fun and motivational way.  You will feel the camaraderie from those around you who are also trying to improve their lives.  And every day you will be pushed to your limit…. physically and mentally.  There are on average three or four Training Sessions per day all of which will be varied.  The sessions are specially designed to be a combination of High Intensity Fat Burner, Strength and Toning Classes.  Muscle building sessions and finishing with Stretching or relaxation training.  All of these are tough and you will feel shattered after every one!!

Don’t Be Scared

But don’t be scared…. this is an excellent feeling.  And we can guarantee you will feel better and better every day.  There is something peaceful about being physically driven to your maximum point.  Afterwards there is no energy for negative thoughts and pointless chattering in your mind.  You will feel surprisingly serene and your everyday worries about bills and work will be gone!!  Probably the biggest result or improvement our clients feel after a Weight Loss Bootcamp is the calming sensation or their Mental Well Being.

What Type of Training Is Done On FITNESS HOLIDAYS?

It is important to have a wide range of exercises and training programs.  Firstly to keep it interesting but also to continually “shock” the body and each muscle group.  If you continually do the same exercise your body will become accustomed to it.  Eventually you will hit a “peak” or “plateau” which means you will stop seeing change.  On a Fitness Holiday or Bootcamp Holiday we use Programs such as Beach Bootcamp Classes where most of the work is “body weight exercises”.  An example of this is push ups, squats & burpees mixed up in between running and sprints.

Navy Seals Training

On a Friday morning we like to finish the week the “Navy Seals Training” on the beach.  An average day will consist of 3 or 4 training sessions per day.  Every class will be different and serve a different purpose to try and client the client the best possible workout depending on their requirements.  Some classes will be High Intensity to get the heart rate up to burn fat.  Other classes will be strength classes which are designed to build muscles.   And  some sessions will be to help relax or stretch the muscles, especially after a tough workout session.


 Bootcamp Holidays


This photo is Military Style Fitness in the sea, which adds a totally different aspect to the session. Press ups & sit ups in the sea with the waves breaking over your head. This is an excellent form of training as it makes breathing and timing your most important ally.  As part of Bootcamp Training we also do Cross Training or Circuit Training in the Gym.

What Is Circuit Training?

Circuit Training can incorporate a massive selection of exercises such as kettebells, medicine balls and body weight exercises…..but done for a short burst of time.  This is an example of High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT.  Each exercise or station is done fast and intense for 30 seconds (or more depending on Fitness Levels). Usually there would be a short rest period of 15 or 30 seconds before moving on to the next station.  Circuit Training is excellent for all muscle groups, breathing, stamina and cardiovascular workouts.  These High Intensity Training sessions are the perfect example of “Fat Burning” classes.  In  one of these classes it is possible to burn anywhere between 700 to 1000 calories in an hour.


Boot Camp Holiday


Functional Training

The concept of Functional Force is doing certain types of Training or Exercises that are beneficial in our everyday lives.  For example Kettlebells help build strength and power but they can make us stronger for carrying shopping or carrying the kids.  It is now just being big for the sake of looking strong… it’s about creating power than transfers to everyday tasks.  Some of the strongest people are not necessarily big built.  This is the ideal type of training for athletes and professional fighters.  Fighters and Martial Artists nowadays would rather be lean, powerful and fast rather than huge big lumps that can’t move quick enough.  An example of Functional Training would be TRX ropes, box jumps and kettlebells (which can be used in some many different exercises and can train every muscle in the body.


Fitness Holidays


What kind of people go on a Fitness Bootcamp Holiday?

Simply……Anyone and everyone.  We have clients from all over Europe and everyone has a different reason why they want to do a Training Holiday.  At the moment our biggest group of clients are from the UK, Germany, Sweden, Austria, Switzerland, Italy & Holland.  And the majority of people are looking for a Boot Camp Abroad to Break their Routine.  People have become stuck in a rut at home, and are bored of their training.  Or another major reason is people are not happy with their lifestyle at home.  They have maybe stopped Training and are not eating well, or drinking too much.  These types of Bad Habits are very difficult to break when its part of your daily routine.  So by coming away from it all on Holiday they can get some distance.  This distance gives them the opportunity to create New, Healthy Habits.  This makes it much easier to continue this Healthier Lifestyle at home.

Can i come on a Weight Loss Holiday Alone?

Yes of course….. In fact the majority of our clients come on their own.  Sometimes this is exactly what some people need. Peace & Quiet gives you time to reflect on your lifestyle.  And for a lot of people they get absolutely No Time Alone whilst at home.  Therefore this Fitness Bootcamp is not only about Losing Weight. Its about having some time to yourself.  The Best Investment You Can Ever Make Is In Yourself.  Plus you will meet new people who are also on Boot Camp.  These are a group of people with the same objectives as you and have a similar mindset.  This has led to a massive increase in Fitness Boot Camps For Singles.  The groups are all friendly and supportive so although you may come on your own… you won’t be alone!!

What Dates Are Available For Fitness Holidays or Bootcamps Abroad?

Most Boot Camp Holiday Abroad Courses run on specific dates throughout the year.  This is great if you have a flexible job or a very friendly boss who lets you go whenever you want.  The reality for most people though is that the can only get away at certain times of year.  Here at Boot Camp Tenerife i run Fitness Bootcamps all year round for people who live on the Island.  This means that no matter what time of year you want to come for a Training Holiday i can accommodate you.  For example if you have 1 week off work say the beginning of November.  Just message me and give me the dates that suit you and i can arrange the Fitness Break to suit you.  We are one of the only Fitness Holiday Companies who can offer you this facility.


What is the Daily Timetable for my Fitness Holiday?

The daily Training Program for a Boot Camp Holiday can vary but here is an example :


07:30 – 08:30 Beach Boot Camp

A high intensity workout on Playa La Pinta in Costa Adeje.  The session involves a warm up then moving onto fast paced body weight workouts.  Quite often we do resistance training using ropes and pulling you partner back as they try to sprint.  This is an absolute killer on the legs.  But is excellent cardiovascular training and massively increases lung capacity.  We also do training with sand bags.  Filling sacks with anywhere between 5 to 20 kilos of dry sand is another military based workout.  This improves both muscular resistance as well as creating power and endurance.  On a friday morning we do Navy Seals Training in the sea.  This completely changes the Beach workout.  Making some exercises easier in the water whilst making others much more difficult.

10:00 – 11:00 Pad Work

This session is a cross between Boxing and Kick Boxing.  Again High Intensity but with the added benefit of teaching useful self defence techniques which can be applied in a real attack.  Most of this session is done in 2 or 3 minute rounds at a very high pace increasing the heart rate greatly.  These classes are excellent for burning fat and an average session can burn 800 to 1000 calories.

11:00 – 12:00 Kettle bells

Kettle bell training is on the the best forms of physical exercise as it works every single muscle in the body.  The benefit of this rather than weight lifting is that the muscles all work together as one unit.  Rather then training the muscles individually.  This may look good and give the person a “Huge” look but quite often lacks Functional Force.

This is an example of 1 day of Training during a Fitness Break.  But there are also many more classes that we use.


TRX – These are Suspension Ropes created by soldiers that can be taken anywhere.  They are easy to transport and can be strapped to almost anything.  Therefore creating a portable gym.  The idea is that you use your own body weight to push or pull yourself up with the ropes from various positions.  These create lean, powerful muscles and can be used by almost everyone.  Even by people with injuries.  They are low impact on the joints and can be done to a steady pace.  They are also excellent for stretching and learning muscle control.

Fitness in Tenerife


Medicine Balls – These are weighted balls which can be used for a variety of exercises.  These are particularly good for stomach or ab work as they create a strong core.  We train with the balls mostly in pairs where one person sits on the floor.  The partner then throws the ball to the other who does a sit up and throws it back.  They are also excellent for doing press ups on.  One hand on the ball and the other on the floor.  Do 1 press up and roll the ball across to the other hand and repeat.  This is a spectacular exercise for creating lean, tight arms as well as strengthening the core.  For Fighters or Martial Artists we also use the medicine balls to hit the stomach.  This is great for conditioning and create strength in the abs.


Medicine Ball

Resistance Bands – These are exactly what they sound like and a simple piece of equipment.  A rubber band that comes in various strengths and lengths.  These can be used for static exercises such as standing on the band and pulling it up to work the biceps.  These exercises can be done at all different angles to focus on specific muscles.  The important factor here is to keep tension on the band at all times.  By doing this the muscles are kept tensed which gives them a great workout without lifting huge weights.  These are low impact and are perfect for people with injuries or pulls in certain muscle groups.  The resistance bands can also be used for High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).  Eg one person puts the band round their waist and has to get to the punch bag and hit it.  All the time the other person is trying to pull them backwards.  This is a great form of training for Fighters as it increases stamina.  It also replicates the High Intensity of a fight and the draining effect of someone pulling or holding you.


Resistance Bands

Static Exercises – Again there are a massive variety of these.  One of the most popular is THE PLANK.  A simple exercise that needs no equipment and very little space but gives massive results.  It basically involves you holding yourself in a certain position for a short period of time for example 1 minute.  This creates great core strength, greatly improves balance and stability and creates inner power or force.  You can start this of nice and easy doing maybe 30 seconds  twice over and 3 times a week.  You will be very quickly able to increase the time and use harder positions moving from say half plank to full plank.  These are an excellent thing to finish off your training session.  We regularly add a few of these at the end of each session to bring the whole body together.

The Plank



Another fantastic form of exercise we offer as part of our Weight Loss Camps is hiking.  The entire Island of Tenerife is a volcano which means me are surrounded by spectacular and dramatic scenery.  There are countless hiking trails all over the Island depending on the ability of the hikers.  We are now delighted to add this to our weekly Fitness Program.  The average hike will take between three or four hours and will allow you to see some breath taking views.  The hikes will be done at a gentle and enjoyable pace so that you can fully appreciate your surroundings and immerse yourself in it’s beauty.  There will be time to stop and have some food and rest at the summit.  This is a lovely contrast to the high intensity workouts on the beach and in the gym.

Hiking in Tenerife

Krav Maga

Krav Maga / Kapap is a self defence system created by a man called IMI LICHTENFELD.  He was a Martial Artist from Hungary who studied many different forms of fighting.   He took only the parts that he believed were effective and realistic in street attacks and discarded all the old traditional forms.  The basis of this system were boxing, grappling, judo and over time brought in various other styles such as Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu and the Phillipino Arts Kali & Escrima.  Krav Maga is now one of the most effective fighting systems out there and because of its brutal, realistic training has been adopted by many security sectors.  Police & Military Units from all the world have no started training their members in this system.  And now with the increase in Global Terrorism the face of warfare has changed.  The War Zone or Battlefield is now closer to home in shopping centres and public places.  This means Security Forces need more Hand To Hand Combat Training.  At Krav Maga Tenerife we believe it is important to teach some of this knowledge to everyday normal people.  Therefore part of our Fitness Holiday is KRAV MAGA TRAINING.

What does Krav Maga Training involve?

No matter whether you have any sort of background knowledge in Martial Arts this KRAV MAGA COURSE is interesting and valuable to everyone.  We’ll start with the absolute basics of position and stance.  We’ll teach you about balance and Body Movement under stress and fear.  The Program then goes on to cover different types of Strikes such as Punches, Kicks, Elbows and Knees.  And we will show you how to use these against an attacker bigger and stronger than yourself.  Then we will teach you how react against specific types of attack situations eg a strangle or a grab.  This Krav Maga Training is designed to give normal people enough knowledge that you will have a fighting chance should you ever find yourself in that kind of situation.  We get a fantastic response from clients who have done KRAV MAGA as part of their Fitness Holiday.  Especially women who at first didn’t think they would enjoy it.  They later tell us it has greatly improved their confidence and they feel it would make them more aware of dangerous situations.



Krav Maga Training Courses


There is a saying that you “Cannot Out Train” a Bad Diet.  In other words even if you trained every single day unless you eat properly you will never reach full Fitness.  Yes it is correct that if you consume more calories than you burn… then you will gain weight. And vice versa if you burn more calories than you consume.. then you will lose weight.  However that is not all there is to it.  It’s about consuming the right type of calories and the right type of food.  A Bootcamp Holiday Abroad takes all of that stress away from you.

Eat Smart

We use a very talented Chef with years of experience in providing Healthy, Nutritious Meals.  But our idea is to show that Healthy Eating doesn’t have to be complicated.  The secret is Clean Eating…. this means not eating “processed foods” but instead showing our clients that it is fairly easy to prepare Healthy Meals.  All meals are prepared using fresh ingredients and are delivered boxed up to your apartment every day.  This gives our clients the freedom to eat as and when it suits them.  We are also eager to prove that Healthy Eating doesn’t mean you have to live on lettuce…(Live Is Too Short To Not Eat Nice Food).  So our food is beautifully tasty and we provide meals such as Moroccan & Thai Curries, Fish Dishes & even Sunday Roasts.  But all of it is healthy and all sauces are made purely from vegetables.  We also aim to give you enough nutrional information that you can continue your Healthy Eating after you return home from the Fitness Bootcamp Holiday.  We truly believe that if you can start by making small, simple changes you’ve got a much better chance of sticking to it.  It is Not About Dieting…… It’s about Healthy Living.  You have to make it a conscious lifestyle choice.


Fitness Holiday Abroad



Different Types Of Fitness Holidays

Boot Camp Holidays

These are Military Based Training holidays which usually start each morning on the beach.  This is High Intensity body weight training such as training in the sea and then running or crawling through the sand.  Often done with a partner or done as team exercises to encourage everyone to pull together as a team.  Boot Camp Holidays are now popping up all over the place and there are quite a few available in the U.K.  Anything that breaks you away from a boring routine is a great place to start on a new Fitness Journey.  Boot Camp Holidays will involve 3 sessions per day, you’re meals will be prepared each day and you will have down time in the afternoon.

Bootcamp Holiday Abroad

This is along the same lines as a Boot Camp Holiday but with the added benefit of being done Abroad.  The distinct advantage of doing it away from your everyday life is that you can put all your focus on training and not be distracted by your everyday life.  We are extremely lucky to be based in Costa Adeje in the South of Tenerife.  This means we train regularly on the beautiful white sand beaches… rather than in a muddy field in the snow or rain. You also have the benefit of enjoying this spectacular Island in your free time.  You can spend the afternoon sunbathing at the pool which is right outside your apartment.  The lovely climate here in Tenerife means we have sunshine almost all year round.  The temperatures very rarely drop below 20 degrees…even in the winter.  This creates the perfect balance for training your body but treating your mind.  This guarantees a completely recharged and rejuvenated you will return from this Health and Fitness Course.

Training Holidays

Training holidays are exercise holidays but not quite as intensive and High Paced as a Boot Camp Holiday.  These include perhaps one High Intensity Interval Training Class and then activities a bit less intense such as Yoga, Pilates, bike riding and trekking.  The idea is still similar in that the goals are to help you lose weight and feel better about yourself.  A lot of Training Holidays book you into a hotel with gym facilities and let you sort yourself out from there.  Our Training Program includes everything for you.  We have strived to take all the hassle out of it for you.  Give us your dates and we’ll arrange everything from the minute you arrive here in Tenerife.

Fitness Camp

Fitness Camps are usually done as a big group with a huge emphasis on Team Building exercises and group motivation.  The concept is a variation of the Fitness Bootcamp Holiday idea where clients undertake several hours of Fitness Training per day.  The Training can involve group activities and games such as Hiking, Volleyball and group Yoga Sessions.  The meals are served to the group altogether in a big hall again reinforcing the Group idea.  Meals are generally low fat high protein meals designed to give results of weight loss at the end of the week.

Weight Loss Holiday

A Weight Loss Holiday can be a Custom Made Fitness Program depending on the likes and dislikes of each person.  Depending on the Fitness Levels of the client the classes can be very High Intensity or they can be a mixture of Intensive Sessions followed by more relaxing exercises.  These Weight Loss Camps can involve quite a bit more one to one or Personal Training as they are shaped to each individual client.  Because it’s a Custom Made Weight Loss Holiday you’re results should be significant and it’s all designed around you.  This is ideal for people who are not so keen on Training in large groups.  We can even design a complete private Weight Loss Course to what ever your exact desire or goals are.  Contact me directly and tell me what you want to achieve and i can put together a Program to your exact requirements.

Fitness Retreat or Bootcamp Retreat

This idea comes from the Yoga Retreat.  These were designed as a way of getting away from it all to help the clients Disconnect from everyday life.  The results are more geared towards relaxation and mindfulness and less on weight loss.  This is a very important ethos and is a huge part of what we concentrate on here at Bootcamp Tenerife.  A lot of our clients are coming to Lose Weight or Kick Start a Healthy Lifestyle but deep down a lot of them are looking for a form of disconnection.  By getting away on a Fitness Holiday they are actually giving themselves a break from routine.  This allows us to recharge and fine ourselves which is what a lot of people have lost.  So although this is a Boot Camp Holiday it also has the benefits of a Retreat.  The benefit of Time…. Time to reflect and Time to Relax.  And time is a thing a lot of people don’t realize they are looking for.

Fat Camp

These are more focused on clients who need to shed quite a lot of weight.  Most of the training is Group Sessions and will be of a lower intensity as the clients need more time to adapt to the training and are not capable of doing hardcore training straight away.  The food on these Weight Loss Courses is a lot more controlled and the clients will have specially Calorie Counted Meals.  Fat Camps are becoming very popular for obese or overweight kids in America.  This type of Fitness Program or Weight Loss Program is mostly for people who have virtually no previous fitness training and very little knowledge of Healthy Eating.  However these programs can be hugely successful in giving people the correct guidance on how to break these unhealthy habits.  And how to set off a life changing journey of health and fitness.

Changes in the Fitness World

The entire Fitness World is changing at the moment in a good way!!  Health and Fitness is no longer only for the gym bunnies or body builders.  Now it is opening up to everyone as people want to be healthier and live a longer more satisfying life.  This is exactly where Fitness Programs such as Boot Camp Holidays or Weight Loss Courses come in.  They welcome in people who have no previous experience in training and make exercise interesting.  Rather than making them feel intimidated or embarrassed as used to be the case years ago in many gyms or Fitness Centres.

Other Variations of FITNESS HOLIDAY

There are countless different names for Fitness Holidays or Boot Camp Holidays for example:


This list of similar courses is endless but this just gives you an idea of what is out there.  What we do here in Tenerife with our FITNESS HOLIDAYS is take the best and most interesting parts from all of them to create something different.  Our Fitness & Weight Loss Course will guarantee to shed pounds and take inches of your body but is does a whole lot more.  You will leave with a totally new mindset and a desire to keep exercising and eating healthy.  So don’t worry about the name, that part is not important.  What is important is what bit will do for your life.

Krav Maga Training Courses

Krav Maga is a Self Defence System used by the Israeli Military.  It is a combination of various styles of fighting such as boxing, kick boxing, wrestling.  Krav Maga Courses or Krav Maga Training Holidays are Intensive week long courses designed to give the client a good amount of Self Defence knowledge in a short period of time.  The course covers aspects  like Defence from street attacks such as punches & kicks.  It then moves on to grabs and strangles then later choke. We also cover ground attacks as the majority of street fights end up on the ground.  We finish off with weapon attacks such as knives, sticks & guns.  Please be aware…this is a Self Defence Course which means it is therefore a very physical and hands on Training Course.  We can offer Krav Maga Training for different clients and different levels of ability.

Types of Krav Maga Courses

Civilian Krav Maga

This is open to absolutely everyone, even with No Experience.  You will learn basic Street Survival Skills.

  • Defending against attacks such as Punches and Kicks.
  • Defence from Grabs, Strangles & Chokes
  • Attacks on the Ground
  • Knive and Stick Attacks

Police & Security Krav Maga

This is for members of any Security Forces covering Police Techniques

  • Defence from Punch & Kick Attacks with Take Downs and Control
  • Defence form Grabs, Strangles & Chokes using Wrist Locks and Arm Locks
  • Ground Techniques Specifically Control and Restraint on the Floor
  • Defence from Knive and Stick Attacks, Disarming and Restraint with Weapon Control
  • Defence of a 3rd Party
  • Gun Disarms

Military Krav Maga / Kapap

This is for Military Personnel and covers more advanced and brutal techniques.

  • Hand to Hand Unarmed Combat
  • Hand to Hand Armed Combat (Knive and Stick Techniques)
  • Ground Techniques finishing in Strangles, Chokes & Breaks
  • Multiple Attackers (Armed & Unarmed)
  • Knive Attacks & Elimination Techniques
  • Gun Disarms

These are the 3 most common Krav Maga Courses we offer here in Tenerife.  However we can Custom Make a Course to suit your requirements as a Group or individually depending on your current skills.  We also offer KRAV MAGA SEMINARS Worldwide.  So please contact me directly for more information on what we can do to help your association.

Martial Arts Training Holidays

Martial Arts Holidays are becoming more and more popular now with the huge increase in Fighting Sports such as MMA, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & Krav Maga.  The idea of these Training Camps is to spend an Intensive week training each day in your chosen Fighting Art or sometimes a mixture of several styles.  These programs will be made up of HIIT Training, Circuits, Kettlebell Training and Functional Force Training.  Then there will the technical side of it where students will focus on learning new techniques from that discipline.  Usually finishing off the Training Session with Sparring or Ground Fighting which is a great way of putting the newly learned skills to the test.  The day will usually be finished off with stretching or Yoga Classes to help loosen the muscles after a strenuous workout.


Muay Thai

What’s the Accommodation on a Fitness Holiday?

For our Boot Camp Holidays and Weight Loss Courses we use a lovely little complex called Costa Adeje Gardens.  It is located on the south coast of Tenerife in Torviscas Alto, just outside Las America’s.  Every client would have a private 1 bedroom apartment which means No Sharing with people you don’t know.  Each apartment has a separate bedroom room, full kitchen facilities, modern bathroom with walk in shower and private balcony.  It is hugely important for people to feel like they can relax in peace & quite after an intense day of training and this is why we believe it’s  so important to have privacy.  The complex also has a swimming pool with a little pool bar should you want a little dip after training.  There are also washing machines on site should you need to clean your clothes after a particularly tough session on the beach.


Boot Camp Holiday

Where in Tenerife is the Fitness Holiday?

We are based in Costa Adeje on the sunny south side of Tenerife.  We use the accommodation Costa Adeje Gardens because it is perfectly located.  The apartments are literally 5 minutes walk from the gym where we do a lot of the training.  They are located 5 minutes by car from Playa La Pinta which is the beach where we do our BEACH BOOTCAMP.  The location is just on the outskirts of the popular tourist resort of Playa De Las Americas.  This location gives our clients the very best that Tenerife has to offer.  All of the Training sites are near by and we are also ideally situated to sample local bars and restaurants if you desire.  With in 5 or 10 minutes taxi ride you can also access some World Class Shopping Centres such as Siam Mall or Plaza Del Duque, both of which have an excellent selection of shops and boutiques.  You can also find on your door step excursions which can truly allow you to see the most beautiful parts of this island.  Most of which offer a pick up transfer service which will collect you from right outside your apartment.

How do I Get From The Airport?

We take care of every aspect of your Training Holiday as soon as you arrive in Tenerife.  I will have contacted you personally before you arrive to collect all your arrival details such as flight number and arrival time.  When you come through the arrivals gate you will be meet personally either by myself or a member of my team and taken directly to a private car.  In other words you will Not be sent out to wait on a bus for ages and then driven around every hotel on the Island.  Instead you will be taken straight to the car and driven directly to your apartment where you will already be checked in.  In total from coming through the gate it will take only 25 minutes until you are in your private apartment which means your holiday can start straight away.


Can I Get Massages or Treatments?

This is a Bootcamp Holiday and Not a gentle Spa Break.  But we are delighted to be able to offer a massage therapist called Sarah Waller.  Sarah is Fully Qualified and specializes in Hot Cannabis Oil Massages.  Her usual price is 55€ for Sports Massages but she offers a Special Price Of 35€ for Clients on Fitness Holidays or Weight Loss Courses.  Appointments must be booked a few days in advance and she will either come to your apartment or you can have a massage by the side of the swimming pool.  It is very important to have balance during a Fitness Boot Camp Holiday Abroad……In other words if you push your body to the extreme during Training…. Its good to give it time to relax and recover.  Massages are the ideal way to relax the tired muscles and also work out any knots or niggles before starting again the next morning.  A lot of our clients also like to celebrate the end of the Boot Camp Course by treating themselves to a few relaxing treatments on the last day of their FITNESS BREAK.


Will I See Results From a Bootcamp Holiday?

In a simple answer….. YES!!!  I take everyone’s measurements before they start their Weight Loss Course.  And then again at the end of the week.  We don’t put much emphasis on weight as too many people get caught up in Losing Weight.  This can be very deceiving as to how you’re actually getting on.  However by taking your measurements such as Waist, Hips, Thighs & Arms.  We can get a true idea of your progress over the week or 2 of your Fitness Bootcamp Holiday.  But the majority of our clients are shocked that the biggest results from their Bootcamp Abroad are not physical.  Intense Physical Exercise has a positive and significant effect on your Mental Health.  There has been a massive rise over the last few years in complaints about Mental Illness and Depression.  Fitness and exercise releases endorphins which create a FEEL GOOD Factor.  A lot of Doctors and GPs are now looking into the possibility of prescribing Fitness Classes rather than tablets to deal with a huge amount of illnesses or problems.  So after a week on a Weight Loss Camp or Fitness Holiday Abroad you will not only look physically slimmer.  But you will feel mentally better and more confident and motivated to keep your Healthy Lifestyle going when you return home.

Is a Boot Camp Holiday Strict?

Will someone be screaming and shouting at me? I’m a bit scared!!!

No… Our Weight Loss Holidays are nothing like that.  Although it’s a Bootcamp Program the focus is on support and encouragement. You are Not in competition with anyone else and I only expect you to do the best that You Can!! Everyone who is on the Fitness Course has got the same mentality.  Therefore they are all very supportive and will never laugh at someone or make them feel uncomfortable.  The whole team will help you and that is what will drive you on and help you achieve more than you thought possible.  This Training Course is open to everyone and we have clients of all different age groups, fitness levels and abilities.  And don’t be put off by previous injuries or things you cannot do.  As long as i know about any problems, injuries or limitations we can work round them together.  We can also adjust certain exercises for people who struggle with specific things.

What  Can You Do In Your Free Time?

Even though this is a Bootcamp Holiday.…. it is still important that our clients have an Actual Holiday!  That means enjoying your Free Time or “Down Time”.

All of the training is done in the morning and we are finished by 12pm or 1pm most days.  Therefore the afternoon is free to as you please.

Tenerife is a stunning place and is the largest of the 7 Canary Islands,  which come under Spain.  There are countless trips and excursions each day meaning there is something for everyone.  Probably the most popular Excursion on Tenerife is a Coach Trip up Mount Teide.  Mount Teide is the volcano in the center of the Island and at 3718 meters it is the highest mountain in all of Spain.  It’s lunar landscape is absolutely spectacular and has been used to shoot many famous films. For example Star Wars, Planet of The Apes, 1 Million B.C and more recently Clash Of The Titans, Fast & Furious 6 and the latest Bourne movie.


Boot Camp Holiday

 Popular Excursions in Tenerife

  •  Whales & Dolphins sightseeing trips.  These are available on Catamarans or sailing boats and are generally 2 or 4 hours.  Most of the boat trips include food and drinks and you have the opportunity to swim or snorkel off the back of the boat.                        Boot Camp Holiday
  • Siam Park – No Fitness Holiday or Bootcamp Holiday To Tenerife would be complete without a visit to Siam Park. Which has now been voted The Best Water Park in the world for another year.  You have the option of riding some of the fastest and most advanced wage slides in the world.  Or you can simply relax on the beautiful golden sand beach beside the worlds largest Wave Pool.  Boot Camp Holiday


  • Jet Ski Safari – For those people looking for something a bit more adventurous. There is the hugely popular Jet Ski Safari.  These allow you to see the beauty of Tenerife from a completely different angle….from the sea.  These trips can be 2 -4 hours long and allow you to discover the caves off the cliffs of Los Gigantes as one example.            Boot Camp Holidays Abroad
  • Scuba Diving – There are loads of Professional Diving Schools in Tenerife and there is something for everyone regardless of your level.  If you have never dived before you can do a TRY DIVE which a great way to ease yourself into it.  These try dives can be done to see the Turtles at El Puertito.  A spectacular few hours where you can actually swim in amongst the turtles.  For more advanced divers there are several Ship Wrecks around the Island at roughly 20 metres.  This is an experience that you will remember for the rest of your life.
  • Snorkeling – This is ideal for those with less confidence in the water.  You will be able to see quite a bit of Tenerife’s beautiful marine life without going too deep.
  • Parascending – An excellent excursion where you are attached to a parachute and lifted from the back of a speed boat.  You will fly behind the boat roughly 25 metres up in the air which will give you a stunning view of the coastline.  This is quite a relaxing experience and you will have roughly 15 – 20 minutes on the parachute.
  • Helicopter Tours – This is the ultimate of excursions and for those who have a bit more spending money on holiday.  There are several different tours available such as just the south coast of Tenerife or the entire island.  Covering the whole island allows you fly directly across the crater of Mount Teide.  A spectacular view that only a few people will ever see.
  • Quad Bike Tours – Big powerful Quad Bikes that take you up through the forest to the crater of Mount Teide.  An adrenaline filled trip through stunning off road scenery again giving you a very different perspective of Tenerife.  Be prepared to get dirty and covered in dust as these bikes tear through the rugged, dry landscape.
  • Big Game Fishing – There are a massive choice of licensed fishing boats going out on daily fishing trips.  Most of these are 3 or 4 hour excursions that provide food and drinks as well as all necessary equipment.  You can fish for species such as Marlin, Tuna, Sharks, Grouper and Barracuda amongst others.  A truly enjoyable and fairly relaxing day out… Not ideal for those who get sea sick.  It is the Atlantic Ocean!!


Enjoy Tenerife

These are only an example of the many different trips and excursions available whilst on a Bootcamp Holiday Abroad. No matter what your interests or enjoyments are there will surely be something for you.  We can put you in touch with local excursion companies who can give you all the necessary information and details regarding all of these trips.  They will also get you the best available prices as they deal directly with the excursion companies.  One such company that we deal with regularly is HAVE FUN TENERIFE.  They are British owned excursion company that have a great online booking system.  This means you can check out all the excursions before you arrive and even do your whole booking online.  Meaning you don’t have to spend time trailing round looking for someone to give you a good deal.

Will i be able to continue my Fitness Training when i return home?

Every aspect of this Fitness Holiday i to motivate you and give you the confidence to continue with it when you return home.  The main thing we teach regarding exercise and fitness is that you HAVE TO ENJOY WHAT YOU’RE DOING!!  The reason so many people won’t stick to their Fitness Program is that they get bored of it or they don’t enjoy what it is they’re doing.  Over your Weight Loss Holiday we will do various types of training and exercises.  This is to give you enough variation so that you will find something in there that you really enjoy.  Therefore when you go home that’s the best place for you to start your training.  We also aim to show you that you don’t have to live on lettuce and rabbit food to have a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE.  Its all about eating sensibly and creating clean, healthy meals rather than processed food.  If you make small simple changes in your life you are much more likely to stick to them.


Healthier Lifestyle

Rather than trying to change every aspect of your life in one go and failing after a month!  Therefore we have complete confidence that our Fitness Holidays are the ideal way to motivate you to live a HEALTHIER LIFE.  When you return home we hope you will be inspired but you will also have the knowledge and desire to keep it going.  The majority of our clients contact us very quickly after returning home to advise me that they have found a new Gym or a new Fitness Trainer.  Henceforth most of them are proud of what they have achieved and are even prouder that they’ve kept it going.

Credibility of this Fitness Holiday Company?

It’s quite a normal thing for people to be a bit concerned about the company itself before the join anything like this.  We are not a company that has just popped up over the last couple of months that might disappear just as quick.  I have been running Fitness Bootcamps in Tenerife for the last 7 years.  The Fitness Holiday part has successfully been running now for 3 years.  Our Courses have been featured on various UK Television Series such as “TAKE ME OUT and “COACH TRIP“.  For the past 4 years ITV have sent camera crews to film couples have their first date at Bootcamp on the ISLAND OF FERNANDOS“.  It has turned out that the “Boot Camp Dates” were actually some of the most popular and most widely viewed activities.

Fitness Courses

The latest season of E4’s Coach Trip ended with the the coach arriving in Tenerife and Bootcamp was their Final Activity.  Probably not their favourite event as they had all been drunk the night before…. It made for funny and interesting viewing.  Have a look at the footage.




What Qualifications Do I Have To Teach Fitness Holidays?

I am a Martial Arts Instructor Specifically Krav Maga.  My qualifications are:

  • 2nd Degree Black Belt Krav Maga / Kapap (Spanish Martial Arts Federation)
  • International Instructor Krav Maga / Kapap (Spanish Martial Arts Federation)
  • Black Belt Krav Maga (Spanish Olympic Committee)
  • Instructor & Fitness Trainer (Spanish Olympic Committee)
  • National Teaching Certificate (World Elite Black Belt Society)
  • Tactical Weapons and Combat Shooting (Israeli Security Academy)
  • High Risk Situations – Kapap Level 3
  • Paediatric First Aid Level 2 – Tineke First Aid Ofqual
  • Assisted Stretching Certification (Ceptin)
  • Diploma For Police Instruction, Security & Bodyguard (IPSA)
  • Certificate Tactical Shooting & Close Potection Seminar (European Security Academy)
  • Police Operative Formation 1st Course – IPSA (International Police Security Association)
  • Police Intervention, Security & Bodyguards Level 1 (IPSA)

How do i Book My Fitness Holiday?

Simple…. send me an email and tell me what dates you would like to come on Holiday.  I will book the accommodation for you and arrange all the other aspects of your Weight Loss Course.  All you have to do is book your own flights…. if  you tell me what airport is better for you i can advise you on which airlines will offer the best flight prices and where to look for the deals.  Once your flights are booked send me a screenshot of the booking and i will arrange for you to be picked up from the airport on arrival.  Once you arrive in Tenerife i will have everything prepared for you.  From then you can just get on with enjoying your Bootcamp Holiday.

How Do I Pay For My Weight Loss Holiday Abroad?

Once you have given me your dates and confirmed them i will send you a PAYPAL LINK.  Just click on the link and you can pay on there with credit card or bank card.  This gives the peace of mind that your booking is done correctly and your money is safe.

How Do I Go Ahead From Here?

If you would like to Go Ahead and book our unique FITNESS HOLIDAY or BOOT CAMP HOLIDAY IN TENERIFE then send me the dates you want to this email address.  I’ll take care of everything else from there.  I look forward to seeing you soon for a WEIGHT LOSS HOLIDAY in Sunny Tenerife!!


Hopefully this article will give you all the information necessary to help you decide if a Fitness Holiday or Boot Camp Holiday are right for you.  I have complete confidence in the product we offer to be one of the best options available on the market today.  Be under No Illusion… This is Not Easy… It is Not A Spa Break!  It will be tough and it will push you to your limits.  But it is enjoyable and you will learn things that you will carry with you for the rest of your life.  Anything worth doing requires a bit of effort.  But if you put your confidence in me that effort will be completely worthwhile.  As i said earlier….. The Greatest Investment You Can Ever Make Is An Investment In Yourself!!

Thanks For Reading….. SEE YOU SOON


Steve Coster

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