Sand, sea and sun is the reputation Tenerife has gained over many years following its increasing popularity as a British tourist location. And, like any other place thriving from the economy gained by tourism, Tenerife has a lot more to offer than its ability to tan!

Visit a Spa

Going on holiday is usually all about relaxing and there is no better way to let your tension ease away than a luxuries massage and hot tub treatment. As you close your eyes, you will be able to feel the worries of urban life practically disappear; now that’s something to look forwards to!

Go Hiking

Tenerife has a variety of different trails which offer an excellent way to practice or improve one’s skills at hiking. Located in the National Park of Las Canadas, the range available is evident with trails varying in distance, difficulty and height. Plus, you can catch some pretty decent views!

Helidream Helicopters

Usually many people add something liking flying in a helicopter to their bucket list, and where more memorable to tick that goal off than in Tenerife? This flying package will provide all the family with views to die for, as well as giving you with a different view of the island itself.

Perhaps you’re not into the relaxing or tourist aspects of travelling on holiday? Then we’ve got exactly what you’re looking for! Here at Steve Coster Fitness, we offer exciting fitness holidays based here in Tenerife itself; helping your achieve your fitness goals in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Get in contact with the best personal trainer Tenerife has to offer today!