Bootcamp Assault Course

We finished our week on Friday with a High Intensity Bootcamp Assault Course on the beach at Playa La Pinta, Puerto Colon.

Fitness Bootcamp

With a mixture of clients from our ongoing 6 Week Fitness Bootcamp and several clients on a Bootcamp Holiday we finished the week on a high. The Bootcamp Assault Course is extremely difficult but is also great fun and designed to be enjoyable. After a quick warm up of jogging up the beach and then a few rounds of bodyweight exercises we started with the main event. This is also designed to be suitable for everyone no matter how fit or unfit you are currently.

Bodyweight Exercises

The first section was 4 cones laid out roughly 10 metres apart. They have to run to the first cone and complete

Press ups x 30 then return to the the first cone

Alternate Squats / Mountain Climbers x 30 then return to the first cone

Burpees x 30 then continue to the next station

Bodyweight exercises

Next stop is the LADDER… this simple piece of equipment is much harder than it looks. You start at one end and work your way along putting one hand in each box, complete a press-up then move to the next box…by now the arms are starting to burn and the body is getting heavy.

Bootcamp Workouts

Kettlebells & Weight Bars

Now we come to the kettlebells and 10 kilo weight bars. The kettlebells are probably the single best piece of exercise equipment as they can be used to train every muscle in the body. They are great for Functional Force, Strength Training and can be used by absolutely everyone once they learn the techniques.

Bootcamp Exercises

Weight Bars are no longer only for Body Builders and Power Lifters. We regularly use them to target specific muscle groups and train explosive power.

Bootcamp Tenerife Assault Course


Straight off the kettlebells and the bars they head into the sea and swim roughly 50 metres out to the bhoys and back again. This is usually quite simple under normal circumstances but on the back of the last few exercises the body is getting extremely heavy and can’t move as easily.

Weight Discs

When they get back to shore they now pick up a 5 or 10 kilo weight disc and do 30 squats followed by 30 push outs for the shoulders. After swimming this is starting to really hurt the muscles and the whole body is burning.

Cargo Net

With your body wet and tired they now have to crawl under the small cargo net. This gives you the lovely feeling of sticking sand over your entire body. Now we’re entering the tougher part.

Bootcamp Assault Course

Directly after the net are the Hurdles…. this is again much tougher than it looks. Jumping side to side over the short hurdles – 30 times. This is an absolute killer on the legs. Starting with the calf muscles and then burning right up to the quads and hamstrings.


Pick up a half full sandbag weighing roughly 10 – 15 kilos. Through it up onto your shoulders or hold it across the chest. complete 15 deep squats then carry it to the other end of the cones and complete 15 more squats before you can drop it.

Bootcamp Assault Course

The Final Crawl

The home straight at the absolute hardest point of the whole morning. Crawling on you stomach for approximately 50 metres under poles with stretched cord at a height of about 3 feet. This starts off quite easy but after 2 or 3 minutes every single fibre in the body is screaming as you try to drag your tired & wet body through soft sand. The sight of the final 2 poles is your motivation to keep going.

Bootcamp Assault Course

A massive congratulations to everyone who completed our Bootcamp Assault Course. This is not an easy event…. and is designed to bring out the fighter in you!!

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