For some unknown reason, there is a stigma attached to the idea of doing your workouts outside. People are embarrassed by the idea of others watching them get their sweat on and decide to hide away inside a gym instead. Here are the top reasons we think you should venture outside…

  • When you go outside for your workout, you will be surprised how quickly time passes. When we are in the gym or working out from home, we tend to watch the clock subconsciously, meaning that the time we spend exercising feels longer than it actually is.
  • It is much easier than we think to get stuck in a fitness rut where we follow a set pattern. In the gym we tend to jump from machine to machine and know exactly what to expect from each one. When we exercise outside, the terrain is varied which means that our workout varies, ultimately burning more calories.
  • Swapping a gym membership for outdoor workouts can save money! The average person will spend around £300 or more each year on the facilities on offer at a gym when simply swapping this for the great outdoors is free!
  • People really don’t care what you look like when they pass you in the street. In fact, they are more likely to be envious of your motivation and confidence than mock you. We shouldn’t do anything in order to please people, which includes avoiding exercising outside!

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