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Welcome to Steve Coster Fitness.


This Fitness website is designed to give people the motivation to go out and Train.  Regardless of your  Fitness level or your current abilities.  People are more aware than ever of the need to Keep Fit or Lose Weight.  The problem for most people is the lack of motivation or interest in the type of exercise they are trying to do.  Therefore my aim is for exercise to be interesting, affordable and achievable to everyone.  The Best way to ensure you stick at a Fitness program is to pick something that You Enjoy Doing!!!


About Me


My name is Steve Coster and I live on the beautiful Island of Tenerife in the Canary Islands.  From here I run various types of training programs.  I have studied many different forms of Martial Arts and Self Defence Systems over the last 35 years.  As a result I believe that Martial Arts Training is absolutely unique and the best form of exercise for everyone.

I am a fully qualified Krav maga / Kapap instructor.  This is a self defence system used by the Israeli Military.

Backed up by my experience of training hundreds of Civilian Clients, Professional Athletes, Police Officers and Military Personnel.  I believe I have created a unique System that can truly help change people’s lives.

Health & Fitness



Here in Tenerife I have a variety of Weight Loss & Fitness Programs that are open and suitable for everyone. Regardless of your age, weight or current physical ability.


Whether you are looking for Personal Training, Fitness Boot Camps, Krav Maga (Self Defence Lessons) or a complete Bootcamp Holiday designed to kick start a healthier New You.  I have a program suitable for You!!! All of these Courses run through-out the entire year.  So no matter when you want to come here we will always have a Training Program available.


Don’t worry if you are not fit or healthy at the moment.  That part is my job…. You just have to turn up!!