Every week, a new fitness trend will emerge and every fitness fanatic will go crazy. Despite this, some experts say that can be more beneficial to stick to the basics. If you are in doubt about which method is best for you, perhaps it is time to look into the benefits of a fitness bootcamp and weigh up your options…

  1. Calories be gone!

Fitness bootcamp is a great way to burn a lot of calories in a short amount of time. In some places, instructors will turn of air conditioning and close the doors to make you sweat harder! These high temperatures combined with constant movement will ensure you burn a lot of calories. We’re talking 500 calories during a one hour session!

  1. Cardio combined with weights

Some fitness bootcamp classes will combine treadmills or outdoor running with hand weights in order to mix in cardio with toning and strength training. This is a bonus for those who are not a big fan of cardio and it also raises the intensity of a class for those who like a big workout.

  1. Confidence

Although fitness boot camps can be very intense and will seem virtually impossible at the start, the feeling of finishing your first session drenched in sweat will be exhilarating and as the weight starts melting away, you are sure to gain a new found sense of confidence you didn’t think you once had before!

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