Here at Steve Coster Fitness, we love Tenerife. After all, it’s where we hold our bootcamp holidays! As with any other place, many myths have been spread far and wide about this beautiful island and we can almost guarantee you won’t see Tenerife in the same way again. Some myths have been spread to benefit tour guides whereas others are just simply false. Here are the top three myths about Tenerife…

  1. It is bad in the North

It is true that the north of Tenerife is not as warm as the southern parts, however the idea that holiday makers sit around in blankets with cups of hot chocolate is very exaggerated. Granted, the north will see more rain in the winter, but you can still catch a tan unlike the myth wants you to believe!

  1. It is a sunny version of Britain

Yes, Tenerife is packed full of British landlords who sell a full English all day long and sometimes the closest thing you will get to Spanish culture is a weak Sangria- however, if tourists step outside of their resort, they will find a catalogue of Spanish cuisine right on their doorstep. It’s a matter of investigating your area thoroughly.

  1. Very famous movies were filmed there

On tours, it is common that gullible tourists will be lead to believe that famous films such as Star Wars or Planet of the Apes were filmed there. On the contrary, Tenerife has a film commission which tracks which films were actually shot there, which neither of these film appear on. On the other hand, Clash of the Titans has Tenerife as a confirmed location.

Now we’ve corrected these popular myths, it’s time to book in your bootcamp holiday. Get in contact with the best Entrenador Personal Tenerife has to offer today!