Most people’s idea of a holiday is relaxing on a beach with a good book and the sun blazing down on sun oiled skin. In simple terms- relaxing, stress free and effortless. In fact, many people take a vacation in order to do nothing at all. Here at Steve Coster Fitness, we think that you could be missing out. Sure, relaxing and letting off some steam is great- however, dropping a few pounds and using your holiday time to gain a new hobby is just as awesome. Here are 3 reasons to take a fitness vacation…

  1. When you go on a fitness holiday, you venture away from the tourist scenes. Running, climbing, swimming and cycling in rural areas allows you to see a completely different side of your holiday destination and therefore experience a much more unique adventure.

  1. Exercise releases positive chemicals into the brain which make us feel happy. If you are going on a vacation in order to cheer yourself up a bit and to get some positivity into your life, there’s no better time to grab double the dose and try a fitness holiday. When you are happy, food tastes nicer and you sleep deeper; it’s a win-win situation.
  1. On a typical holiday, we bring home 2-3 pounds of extra weight- however a fitness holiday means that you tend to maintain your weight or leave behind some pounds instead. Depending on your goals of the holiday, some fitness breaks also mean you can eat whatever you want too, just like a regular holiday!

Here at Steve Coster Fitness, we offer training holidays on the lovely island of Tenerife! Our available holidays include:

  • One week fitness bootcamp holiday
  • One week custom made personal training holiday
  • One week krav maga/ kapap training course

Get in contact with the best Personal Trainer Tenerife has to offer to find out more information today!