21st June 2019.. longest day of the year, longest day of my life.

‘The Ultimate 50’ Even thinking back now I wonder, how did I do that, especially at 50 years old? But I know the answer, I always knew, because if not I wouldn’t have attempted it . ‘Bootcamp’ I’ve been attending Steve Coster’s Tenerife Bootcamp for some time now and it without any doubt at all enabled me to attempt the challenge.

I had to add distance runs in of course but even they came easier after building up my stamina on the beach in a morning. I have done various types of training over the years from weights to Marshall arts, but I have never built up stamina and toned so well as I have with the Bootcamp.

So if you are just starting out..Do it. If you’re fairly fit….Do it. Even if you are Ultra fit….Do it, because it will reward you no matter what level you are.

And if you have that little doubt in you mind then all I can say is, you are in excellent hands with Steve and then it’s just down to you to make the effort! It has been truly life changing for me and would always be happy to share my experiences.