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Bootcamp Tenerife were delighted to have a Camera Crew from ITV’S hit show TAKE ME OUT filming a Date for Ben & Emily.  TAKE ME OUT is a dating show that airs on U.K. TELEVISION on Prime Time Saturday Night.

The concept of the show is for 1 guy to try and impress 30 women who can choose to keep their light on if they would like to go on a date.  At the end of the 3 rounds if any of the women keep their lights on the guy can pick one to go a Date.  The couple are then taken to the ISLAND OF FERNANDOS……. which is actually the Beautiful ISLAND OF TENERIFE.  When the couple get to TENERIFE they meet up again and do an activity Date followed by a Dinner Date.

Ben & Emily were sent to BOOTCAMP TENERIFE where they took part in an exhausting 1 hour FITNESS BOOTCAMP. The TRAINING SESSION was done on PUERTO COLON  BEACH in the COSTA ADEJE area of TENERIFE.

The class starts with a WARM UP consisting of gentle jogging and then moving onto a CIRCUIT.  After the warm up the CLASS steps up in INTENSITY to NAVY SEALS type FITNESS TRAINING.  TRAINING in the SEA…. starting with PRESS UPS under the water, and MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS and then directly into SHUTTLE RUNS.

As the TRAINING SESSION, goes on it gets harder and harder culminating in a MILITARY STYLE ASSAULT COURSE crawling under CARGO NETS.  To Finish with everyone crawls flat on their stomachs through a tunnel created with poles and wire.  Doing this whilst soaking wet makes the body heavy and covers the clothes in sand to make it extremely difficult.  I am delighted to say that Ben & Emily and everyone involved managed to complete the COURSE which is no easy feat!!

For anyone who thinks they would like to train our BOOTCAMP PROGRAM we are now offering FITNESS HOLIDAYS and BOOTCAMP HOLIDAYS on the Island of Tenerife. Please contact STEVE COSTER FITNESS for more information on any of our FITNESS / TRAINING HOLIDAYS.