Nowadays we all live in a world where we seem to be racing from one point to the next.  Every day is filled with a list of things that have to be done. And more often than not….its stuff that’s Not Really that important.  How about a FITNESS HOLIDAY or BOOTCAMP HOLIDAY where your Only Focus is bringing out the Best In You?

Most of us Like the Idea of EXERCISING or TRAINING regularly and we genuinely believe we eat HEALTHY FOOD and consume a BALANCED DIET.  However the reality for most is Very Different…. Our Jobs consume our ENERGY on a daily basis.  We come home and night and the kids are playing up are have not been well.  Dinner has to be cooked, washing has to be done…. kids put to bed etc etc etc.  Therefore by the time we stop for a second our only MOTIVATION is to switch the TV on and go for the snacks!!!


While living a completely HEALTHY LIFESTYLE is a great intention that we all have……sometimes life gets in the way.  I’ve worked with hundreds of Clients both PERSONAL TRAINING and GROUP CLASSES such as BOOTCAMP….. and generally the conclusion is the same. People can motivate themselves to stick to their FITNESS PROGRAM for a week or two…. sometimes even a month.  But in the end most will fall back into bad habits.

The idea of my FITNESS HOLIDAY or BOOTCAMP HOLIDAY is to give you back the time you do not have in everyday life to Invest in you.  Work on your HEALTH…… Push yourself PHYSICALLY every day…..EAT HEALTHY MEALS that you don’t have to cook.  Finally….Rest in the afternoon…. A basic pleasure that we often cant do at home.  But with the added benefit of resting…. on the BEACH or by the POOL.

My FITNESS HOLIDAYS are an opportunity for You Time!!  Rejuvenate and Recharge your batteries and let us do the rest!!

For more information on FITNESS HOLIDAYS in TENERIFE or for a BOOTCAMP HOLIDAY ABROAD contact me now!!!