7 Day Custom Boot Camp Holiday


7 Nights accommodation
3 Healthy meals per day
Full training program
Fitness & nutrition seminars
Transfers to and from the airport
Follow up program


This is a unique custom made fitness holiday course designed specifically for your individual requirements.

The training provided is ideal for people looking for a special result or who are not confident training as part of a large group.

Every class will be tailored to achieve the exact results that you are looking for whether it be weight loss, improved fitness or trimming down for a specific event e.g. Before your wedding.

Fitness Bootcamp Holidays

Each day will be made up 1 group training session and 2 personal training sessions with different programs each day.

All meals will be supplied each day and are healthy, calorie controlled meals that are made especially for your program.

Price £1295

– 1 Weeks accommodation
– 3 Healthy meals per day
– Full training program (1 group class & 2 PT sessions per day)
– Transfers to & from Tenerife South Airport
– Nutrition advice seminars
– 2 Bootcamp Tenerife T-Shirts
– Follow up advice on fitness programs & realistic eating


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