We are delighted to offer our unique BOOTCAMP HOLIDAY for the discounted price of £695.  This offer is valid on any bookings made before 30th March 2019….. On bookings for ANYTIME OF YEAR.

Our FITNESS BOOTCAMP HOLIDAY in Tenerife has become very popular of the last year with people looking for guaranteed results and an Intensive Training Program.   THIS IS A BOOTCAMP HOLIDAY……..THIS IS NOT A SPA BREAK!!!





The Fitness Training is made up 3 High Intensity Sessions Each Day.  Starting on the Beach at 07:30 on Monday Morning we begin with BEACH BOOTCAMP.  This is a Military Style training done at a high tempo and using for own bodyweight.  Beach Classes are Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays and each morning we mix it up between shuttle runs, sandbags, resistance ropes and Navy Seals Training in the sea.

Boot Camp Holiday


The second class of the day is usually around 10:00 and this is in the gym.  This Class is Kettle bells and is a great for training every muscle in the body and for building strength.  We still make this class quite high intensity so by the end of it you will physically shattered.

Krav Maga

The 3rd and Final Class is KRAV MAGA….. This is a Self Defence System used by the Israeli Army.  Some people are initially shocked thinking they will be doing this type of training.  I have no fear in recommending everyone to at least try this once.  Hopefully it’s the type of thing you would never have to use….. But if the day ever came when you were in a bad situation this is a great bit of knowledge to have.

Fitness Holiday


Every day we are finished training by lunchtime which means you are free to spend the afternoons however you please.  The majority of people are happy to relax at the pool after such intensive training but there are loads of other activities for you to do should you want to.  I can put you in touch with several companies on the island that do excursions saving you the hassle of hunting around for a good deal.


If you would like anymore information on our FITNESS HOLIDAY please check out the page